My First Freeze ❄️ – aka Cryotherapy

rawFor the past few months, I’ve been hearing how amazing cryotherapy is. The very first time I heard Mark Wahlberg talk about it on The Ellen Show.

150 degrees below zero?!?!

I am no Marky Mark with abs chiseled from stone. So this must be for athletes, actors, and other hardcore people.

But then I heard more about the benefits from normal every day people who experienced really positive effects from “freezes.” Cryotherapy is supposed to have many benefits which include:

  • Pain relief
  • Inflammation reduction, Increased circulation
  • Improved sleep
  • Post-workout recovery acceleration
  • Improved performance
  • 400+ Calorie Burn
  • Stress relief, Mood boosts
  • Strengthened immune system
  • Anti-aging (increase collagen, tightens skin)

I was interested in all of these, especially improved sleep. So when a new cryotherapy spa opened up 1.5 blocks away, I decided to try it for myself. And luckily, my good friend Hanna was game to freeze too.

We booked appointments and visited the Mission location of Reboot Float and Cryo Spa in San Francisco. Even though we were jittery about getting into an “ice box,” we were welcomed warmly, and the ambiance of the spa calmed us. Everything was so white and clean.



There was even messaging at the end of the hall that reminded us to be zen.


When it was time to suit up for the cryo chamber, we had to strip down to our undies and put on robe, long, high socks, gloves, slippers, and a face wrap (all provided). The slipper options were awesome! We, of course, chose the furry monster feet and magical unicorns to make sure we were extra ready to face the cold.

Then it was time to freeze. When we entered the room with the cryo machine, we forgot to maintain our zen-like state.


But then the Reboot Spa employee explained to us the experience, and we gathered ourselves and put on our game faces on (kinda). We would go in for 3 minutes. She would leave the window open a crack so she could hear us to make sure we were okay. If we were too cold and wanted to exit the chamber early, we could do that. But of course Hanna and I were determined to make it the whole time.

We had to choose our level Beginner (-165 degrees F) or Intermediate (-185 degrees F). We didn’t dare go pro or beyond with an even lower temp for our first time – we both chose Intermediate. Then we each chose a song for our freeze. (Hanna chose Cardi B’s I Like It, and I chose Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee’s Despacito.) She encouraged us to dance around to make it more fun and help the time pass more quickly. Or maybe it was to try to keep warm?

When the chamber reached the desired temp, she turned on the music, opened the door, and the victim would de-robe, step in, and begin to freeze. Literally. During both of our experiences, we squealed, laughed, danced, and bounced around to pass the time and attempt to stay warm.

At first, it was definitely a shock. COLD. (Duh.) The first minute or so wasn’t as painfully cold and bad as I thought it would be. But then about half way through my exposed skin felt little prickly tingles. Not painful, but tingly. I also realized at that point, 3 minutes can feel like a really long time. But I kept bouncing around and turning towards different walls to help pass the time and try not to watch the clock. Before I knew it, 180 seconds and my first freeze were over.  I did it!!

Afterwards we hung out in the lounge in our robes and slippers while we warmed up. I was excited to start experiencing all the benefits. Maybe I burned so many calories, I would have a 6 pack like Mark Wahlberg?? That, of course, did not happen, but I did sleep more soundly that night. And I felt excited from the experience (mood boost!). I definitely want to go back for another freeze. I’ll report back if I do and experience some new or different results.

Have you tried cryo? If so, what was your experience like?

If you haven’t, any interest in trying it? I recommend trying it – even once. It’s a fun experience. Especially if you go and share it with a friend or significant other.

I also recommend Reboot Spa (if you’re in the Bay Area). They have 3 locations – one in the Mission, one in the Marina, and one in Oakland. You can use my code lg-720847 when you book to get $10.00 off your first Freeze or the Intro 3-Cryo Special. (Or if you want to Float, you can enjoy $20.00 off of one Float Session or one of the Float packs.)

Note: THIS IS NOT SPONSORED. I got this code after visiting, and I wanted to share with you if you want to try a freeze (or float) too.


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