Ready to Rumble!

hqdefaultIn the spirit of trying new ways to SWEAT, I recently tried Rumble, a boxing-inspired group fitness class.

I was all about Billy Blanks’ Taebo in college. When I first moved to San Francisco, I went to cardio kickboxing twice a week. Now I do a lot of HIIT workouts. So when I first heard about Rumble, I figured it might be my cup of tea – high energy, kick butt, and fun.

What is Rumble? 

Rumble is a 45-minute boxing + cardio workout. It is divided into 10 rounds of full-body, strength training, and conditioning. You spend half the time boxing an aqua punching bag and the other half working out on/near the bench with weights. Classes are led by high energy trainers who double as DJs “spinning” custom playlists and mashups blending old school hip hop and house with classics.

Right now you can rumble in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and NYC. And it’s coming soon to Philadelphia and DC.


Rumble Sign-up

It was easy to purchase my first rumble and sign up for a class. If you’re a first-timer, you can purchase one class and they give you a second for free. Then you choose your desired day and time. And then you choose your spot on the floor. Like Barry’s Bootcamp and Orange Theory, you choose a numbered location to start. For Rumble, you choose whether to start on the floor or on a bag.

Pick your place to rumble
When you sign up, you choose a numbered location to start on a bag or the floor.

Afterwards, you get a couple of helpful emails to confirm your purchase and your class sign-up and a few key pre-class details. It’s good to show up early your first time to get equipment (if you don’t have your own), put your things away, and learn the punches in “pre-class.”

Rumble Check-in & Equipment

The San Francisco FiDi gym is super cute and bright. (Note: It’s inside a downtown building.) And the people who work there are really welcoming. Both get you super psyched to rumble. There are small lockers (no need to bring a lock) on the first floor. Larger lockers, restrooms, and showers are available in the locker room upstairs.

Gloves and wraps
Rumble gloves and wraps.

Bring your own gloves and wraps if you have them. If not, Rumble has really cute Rumble-branded wraps and gloves available. Wraps are available for purchase and keep for future classes for $8 and boxing gloves are available to rent for $3.

There are clean towels available for free so you can towel off during and after your workout. Believe me, you will sweat. Oh! And you should definitely bring water. You will need it! There are water fountains in the lobby and locker room if you need to fill up or refill. Drink lots to hydrate.


Depending on what you signed up for, you either start out on the bag or floor. When class starts, go to your assigned location. Everyone will do a cardio warm up. If you start on the bags, you’ll do 3 rounds there and then switch to the floor for 3 rounds. Then you’ll switch again for 2 rounds back on the bag and end with 2 final rounds of on the floor. If you start on the floor, you’ll do the same but start on the floor and end on the bag.

The Rumble Floor. Bags for boxing on one side and Floor (benches with weights) on the other.

The Bag – Boxing

The boxing rounds focus on 6 punches – a jab, a cross, left hook, right hook, left uppercut,  and right uppercut – numbered one through six. These punches are mixed into different combinations (e.g. 1-2-5-6 or jab, cross, left uppercut and right uppercut) so you get your heart rate up and feel like Rocky. I liked throwing so many punches…it’s a great way to get out stress and aggression. Between each of the rounds, you’ll do an active recovery like sit-ups, pushups, or burpees (my favorite!).

Rumble Bags
Rumble Bags for boxing. The combinations are projected in the front of the room so you can see what punches to do in addition to hearing verbal cues from the instructor.

The Floor –  Strength Training & Conditioning 

On the floor, you focus on strength training and conditioning. You’ll use the weights, your own body weight, and the bench to do overhead presses, bicep curls, tricep dips, squats, weighted lunges and other similarly awesomely painful exercises. And in between each round, you’ll also do active recovery aka sneaky cardio.

The rounds on the floor were tough in a good way. It was a good way to work in strength training and make my muscles work and burn.

Rumble Floor
The floor includes benches with different size hand weights tucked underneath or on the side of the bench.

The Ruling

After 10 rounds and nearly an hour of rumbling, my heart was pumping and my face was red. I worked up a good sweat and felt good. Rumble wins the championship belt! Or at least gets 2 enthusiastic thumbs up from me.

I loved the mix of boxing, strength training with weights, and cardio – a great total body workout. Our trainer (and DJ) Andy was awesome. He had lots of energy and pumped me up his voice cues and music choice. The music was fun and accompanied the workout well. The studio was dark and different color lights flashed during certain parts of the workout. For example, during a high intensity round, the music would crescendo and the lights would turn red. Some of the other workouts I’ve done with nightclubesque sound and lighting were distracting and I didn’t enjoy the loud music and pulsating lights, but for Rumble, they both seemed to fit and worked for me.

I would definitely go back for another rumble. Who’s in?


Note: NOT A SPONSORED POST. I paid for my class and equipment and went for fun in the spirit of trying new things.


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